Football Editions publishes its first book – Football Icons

Football Editions

Our friends at NotOnSunday have created a beautifully designed football book containing icons of the game. The book is the first publication from their publishing platform Football Editions. It takes a look at how football greats from the past would have been branded had they had a logo or icon designed for themselves.

Designer Wayne Trevor Townsend comments;

“With the likes of Messi, Ronaldo and Bale et al., all having their own brand marques and logos, we wanted to appreciate the World Cup legends of yesteryear such as Baggio, Bobby Moore and Johan Cruyff and show what their logo or brand icons could have been had they still been in the game today. Each of the icons we’ve created has a link back to the player with an interesting fact. Cruyff always had a 2 stripe adidas kit as he was sponsored by Puma and refused to wear 3 stripes, so we based his ‘JC’ icon on the 2 stripes. Bobby Moore was described as the best reader of the game by Franz Beckenbauer so we created this strong bold book shaped ‘M’ and so on. All these little nuggets of info feature in the book and help tell a lovely story on each of the players.”

The book is published as a limited edition of 200 copies and you can buy a copy from the Football Editions website. It’s printed on Colorplan White Frost and uses the typefaces FF Mark and Knockout HTF49 (with custom O’s) to emphasise football.

Future editions are in the planning, so look out for what will become a highly collectable series.





All images courtesy of Football Editions © 2016.