The 92 – A celebration of the oldest football league in the world

The 92 is a football project all about the unique character, culture and history of the 92 clubs in the English Football League.

Why is a seaside club called the cherries? Why does the blue side of merseyside share the same name as a famous mint? Why did Middlesbrough claim the name smoggies?

It’s surprising to learn about some of the existing facts and how they came to being and also things that are so far removed from what the clubs are today. Did you know that one of the richest clubs in the world was started by a northern railway company? The owners of an exhibition centre in south London started a football club so they could keep it open. The legendary German keeper Bert Trautmann was the first ever player in England to wear a branded football boot.

Ever since the days when I used to collect Panini stickers, I’ve loved the graphic play, wit and stories behind football clubs. There’s such a rich history. I decided to have a look into interesting facts about each club and represent them through graphics, typography and illustration. It’s an eclectic mix. I challenged myself to post designs based on one of the 92 clubs in the league on Instagram every day for 92 days. The end result will be a collection of all 92 clubs in one book. The book will be available later in 2017.

If you are interested in seeing the progress, please go and follow me on Instagram to see the daily posts. @dinkit

You can also go to and I will post up each design there at the end of each day. There is also a countdown so you can see how far is left to go.

Here goes…