The FC Index publishes its first book

football book design

There’s been some great football publications coming out over the last few years, from books to magazines and nicely crafted fanzines. The rich history and culture of football gives designers and artists a platform to express themselves through a sport that has truly global and cross-cultural appeal.

The Football Crest Index is a project by designer James Kirkup. Through Kickstarter funding he created a book about the crests of 49 clubs that have played in the Premier League. Dinkit helped in a little way by becoming an official sponsor.

The book tells the story of club crest history and is supported by artwork created by individual artists on each of the teams that they support. It’s an eclectic mix of art, design, typography and creative writing. There’s some outstanding visual interpretations in the book. Dean Hardings’s novel Middlesbrough illustration, Daniel Lewis’s crisp Oldham Wise Owl graphics and David Gibson’s Watford LED scoreboard being my favourites and others that really stand out are Aron Jones’s beautiful Swansea City illustration and Luke Bonner’s crafted Bournemouth typography. Then there’s Harrison Park’s Burnley Thunderbolt and Tom Wood’s Windass typographic execution has a lovely thought in it. They are definitely worth a mention. I also love Nick Chaffe’s Forest poem, it takes me back to my youth.

The crest index itself is a great idea. A catalogue of all of the crests from the multitude of leagues of great footballing nations, all in one place. Over time it looks to be a comprehensive base for the history of football club branding. It reminds me of the Historic Football Kits project which is also a great resource if you are interested in the history of football kits and crests.

Check out The FC Index website where you can see the crest catalogue taking shape:

You can also buy the artwork too here:

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