A book of pure genius

football legends book

How can we define a genius in football terms? An icon? A legend? A player with sublime skill? A highly decorated individual? How about players that have done all this and become part of the fabric of football culture across the globe decades after they finished playing the game? Enough?

A genius, I think, is a player that is born, seemingly with the ability to develop skills that allow them to redefine the game during their eras. They are players that are revered long after their careers have ended.

The Genius of Football is a 28 page publication depicting the greats of a football era spanning over 50 years through typography. From Diego Maradona, Johan Cruyff and Eusébio, to Beckenbauer and Pelé, there’s a visual treat of 10 former greats. The stories behind each player gives an insight into what makes them a genius of football.

The book is available in a limited run of 100 copies. The cover is printed on GF Smith Lockwood Green with a foiled detail on the cover. The text pages are printed on Fedrigoni Symbol Tatami White. The size is 184 x 260mm.

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