Panenka 1976

A fanzine about a penalty kick that astonished the football world. In 1891 the original penalty kick was introduced into the game. Since then, players have stepped up to the spot, 12 yards from goal in an attempt to beat the opposing goal keeper. In 1976, some 85 years later, an unknown footballer by the name of Antonín Panenka stepped up to take a penalty kick that astonished the football world. It’s a great story and one that every fan needs to know. This fanzine is about that genius moment in The Red Star Stadium, Belgrade in 1976.

Antonin Panenka, The Football Penalty Genius of 1966 European Championship Final

32 pages
Size: 148 x 220mm
Text: Printed on Fedrigoni Arcoprint Extra White
Cover: Printed on GF Smith Colorplan Pale Grey

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