Non-personalised items
Every item is made to order. Returns are accepted for any non-personalised items that have not been opened and/or used. It must be returned in the original packaging at the customers own cost. Once it has returned and we have checked it for resale quality, we will then issue a full refund.

Personalised items (Please Read)
Every personalised item is made to order. If you purchased your item with a personal name or information on it, we cannot accept returns. This is because it is a personalised item and we cannot resell it. If you have any further questions about the Dinkit product returns policy, please email us on the address below.

Where to send returns
If you need to return an item, please use the return address printed and provided on the packaging. If you are unsure where to return an item, or cannot see or find an address, please email us and we will forward the address to return it to. If you have any further questions about our returns policy, please send us an email.

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