Environment matters
We love the environment and we need to protect it more that ever. All Dinkit packaging is recyclable and plastic-free. We use high quality and robust cardboard tubes with metal endcaps instead of plastic, paper tapes and clear sleeves made from starch which are a brilliant alternative to the plastic ones. They can go straight into compost and will degrade naturally. Our tissue paper is also acid-free. All paper tissue cut-offs are also used for protecting the larger prints in transit. All our waste paper in the studio can be reused and is often used for our test prints and what we don’t use goes into recycling.

We know there’s always room for improving our approach to sustainability and we are committed to it. If you have any questions about our processes and would like to know more, please email

Fine art paper
The paper we use is FSC Certified, meaning it is sourced from sustainable forests. The paper manufacturing is free from harmful chemicals such as lignin, acid and optical brightening agents (OBAs).

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