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Football letterforms
The A to Z of Football is a collection of letterforms based on club culture, expressed through classic kit graphics, geometric forms, heraldry and colour
Recent projects
Football Nation
4-3-2-1 Formation Christmas window display
The Genius of Football
A book about 10 footballing greats
A 60 page A3 size looseleaf book about World Cup memories
4-3-2-1 Formation
Christmas jumper designs with Patterns of Play
João Pinto, Portugal international
Illustration for Box to Box magazine's article about the Portuguese legend
SSFC Crest design
Crest design and posters for a local grass roots football club
Football Factories
Illustration for Pog Mo Goal's magazine article about how various Irish clubs formed from factory workers
Hibernian FC
Football card illustration for Hibs programme giveaway in December 2018
Win Lewes or Draw
Postcards and Prints for Patterns of Play's exhibition at Lewes FC