Dinkit was founded in 2012 by graphic artist and designer Matt Berry as a football and design focused side-project. He is also designer and founder of the graphic design studio, Made by Berry, where he works on identity design, branding, publishing and digital design projects.


Design for football
We work with football people, communities and brands to help them to bring their football project ideas to life. We focus on print design and publishing – producing football magazines, football fanzines and books. We also create visual identities for football brands and organisations. Our work is collaborative. We work with professionals in design, art and illustration, journalism and photography that all have an shared passion and rich knowledge of the football world and its culture.


To see more of our general design work, please visit our studio website: madebyberry.com.


Design for Brands
• Brand identity design
• Brand name creation
• Identity toolkits and guidelines
• Logos and football crest design
• Product design
• Social media assets

Design for Print
• Book design
• Brochure design
• Business stationery
• Catalogues
• Events materials
• Exhibition design
• Iconography
• Infographics
• Magazine design
• Marketing materials
• Packaging design
• Product brochures

Digital Design Applications
• Advertising, online and outdoor
• Animation and storyboarding
• App design, wireframes and assets
• Digital brand guidelines
• Infographics
• Iconography
• Slide decks, design and assets
• Website design, wireframes
• Video direction and storyboarding

Design for Football

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